Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tech Link (Processor): Core Micro-Architecture Comes to Celeron Processors: Conroe-L Preview

Hmmm, xbitlabs managed to get a Conroe-L and have posted an early benchmarks. I have posted a CPU-Z of my own Conroe-L way back in February so it would seem that XBit is pretty fast in getting these samples. Anyway, the author seems impressed about the processor so you should definitely need to check it out. Expand for more...

Well, it’s time to sum up what we have discussed today. When new processors codenamed Conroe-L come out this June, Intel will drive Core micro-architecture into the last untouched sphere – low-cost single-core CPUs. This is a pretty remarkable event, because this micro-architecture differs positively from the preceding NetBurst from multiple standpoints. The launch of Celeron processors on Conroe-L core will result into significant performance increase of the budget CPUs and simultaneous reduction of their TDP and power consumption.

It would be very pleasing for the end-users that the new Celeron processors will be selling at very attractive prices. Celeron 420 processor working at 1.6GHz will be offered for about $40, and the top single-core model on Core micro-architecture, Celeron 440 working at 2.0GHz frequency will be priced at around $60.

Unfortunately, despite all the advantages, the new Celeron processors will hardly be able to surprise overclocking fans. The maximum frequency these processors can hit with air cooling should be close to 3GHz, which seems a pretty modest result for CPUs on Core micro-architecture.

However, as you know this article is just a preview of the engineering sample of the upcoming product. In any case once Conroe-L is launched, we will return to this topic and maybe some of the conclusions made today will need to be revised.

Source:Core Micro-Architecture Comes to Celeron Processors: Conroe-L Preview

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