Sunday, April 29, 2007

Misc: Web Face Lift!

I finally got the time to put up the new look of the site. It's been a long standing pending task and I never got to do it. Porting my old articles to look like the previous layout was a pain, and frankly, I never really got to finish it.

Anyway, today I officially launch FanBoyReview 3.0! There's not much fireworks and party nor any grand press release, but just this simple post to officially mark the day I changed my site (though I have been doodling with it for the past several days). I have started playing with the settings since January, and I was targetting second week of February to launch this new look but I just can't really find any appealing design for the site.

But now, after my noobie web skills and knowldge have increased by 0.000001 percent, I can now happily say that I am proud with this transition. And hey, there's some video goodies link too, that's the newest addition to the site.

And oh, I plan to remove cbox chatbox as it's rarely used anyway. Though my visitors have breached a break-neck volume of 20k this month, not so many seems interested to post a shout out. I don't really know, meebo was a hit back then, I don't know why cbox isn't.

Anyway, enjoy the new look, and expect a few tweaks here and there, to further speed up the loading. Till next...

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