Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tech Link (Chassis): Aerocool Zero Degree ATX Computer Case

LegitReviews reviews a chassis, case, or PC enclosure or whatever you call it, from Aerocool*. The author is impressed, and can hardly find any Cons. But hey, if you ask me, subjectively speaking, the cons is that it looks ugly to me. Anyway, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so that's just me. Check it out if you have some free time to kill..

Final Thoughs and Conclusions

The Aerocool Zero Degree case has a nice clean outside appearance and a functional inside design that will easily accommodate water cooling setups if one should choose to go that route in the future. The 0.8mm SECC steel that is used for the Zero Degree was found to be strong and leaves you with a heavy solid case when installation is complete.

When it comes to pricing the Aerocool Zero Degree can be found for $114.99, but right now Newegg has a $20 rebate on it. This brings down the price to $94.99 after the $20.00 Mail-In Rebate, which still makes it an expensive case as it doesn't come with a power supply. There is tough competition in this price range as the Antec Nine Hundred that we just reviewed can be found for less and is also a great gaming case.

The cons on the case are pretty far and few to be honest. It would be nice to see it ship with more hard drive mounting adapters and screws, but not too many people need to run more than four hard drives. The thickness of the 250mm case fan might not work well with some case fans. We tried to install the OCZ Vindicator in the case and couldn't close the door due to the height of the cooler and the thickness of the door.

If you're looking for a tool-less 'Flexi Tower' case with an upside-down ATX configuration and a side window that will make others stop and take a second look, then the Aerocool Zero Degree is well worth a look.

The Legit Bottom Line: The Aerocool Zero Degree is a very well built case that any gamer should be proud to own. The upside-down ATX configuration is something different and worth checking out!

Source:Aerocool Zero Degree ATX Computer Case

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