Friday, April 06, 2007

Misc: 8600gts released in australia today!

A forum member apparently got hold of a retail graphics card based on NVIDIA* 8600GTS engine from a retail shop. Well, it could have been just normal news, except that, this card is yet to be released, and is scheduled no ealier than April 17, 2007 in the US. So today is April 06, 2007 (April 05, 2007 in the US) so that is 11 to 12 days earlier from release! NDA for benchmarks isn't even allowed to be posted yet! You can click on the image for the bigger pic, and expand to see more pictures of the card, and of course, bench result.


Just picked it up, whim me for shop!!!

Got to stuff it in my pc and run some benchies!

Added pics:

Screenshot of benchie:

With drivers supplied on cd:

250gb 16mb cache Sata 3gb/sec
2gb 6400 Gskill ram

Main Test Results

3DMark Score 5542 3DMarks
SM 2.0 Score 2284 Marks
SM 3.0 Score 2036 Marks
CPU Score 2605 Marks

Detailed Test Results

Graphics Tests
1 - Return to Proxycon 17.534 FPS
2 - Firefly Forest 20.532 FPS

CPU Tests
CPU1 - Red Valley 0.834 FPS
CPU2 - Red Valley 1.302 FPS

HDR Tests
1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 18.063 FPS
2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 22.653 FPS

The rest were n/a

Max temp with fans PELTING (stock) was ~70c with ATI tool stress test... This thing could do with some aftermarket methinks!

Source:8600gts released in australia today!

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