Monday, April 02, 2007

Tech LInk? (PSU): Miller Electric 10,000W Power Supply Review

If you are in the mood for some funny review, check this one out. Gotta love PCPER's latest article, I really enjoyed it. Expand the news post to see a teaser excerpt of the review.

Up until one of the resistive load banks overheated and caught fire, the PSU produced stellar load regulation on all of the outputs across a broad range of loads; even when delivering 2,500 watts of DC power.

Oh @#$%! That’s not good! Fire-Fire-Fire! Well, turn it off, turn it off! These are a few of the thoughts that flashed thru my mind as I reached for the fire extinguisher…

Unfortunately, that concluded our testing on the XMT 300 PC power supply…

Source:Miller Electric 10,000W Power Supply Review

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