Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tech Link (Memory): GeIL USA, Inc. announced the new “Esoteria Series”

OverclockersClub has a scoop on GeIL*'s newest RAM. I haven't seen any official release yet, but as per the source, it's an enthusiast-focused memory, with speed, overclockability, and beautiful looks. I mean, carbon fiber on the heatspreader, sounds great. I can't wait to see a review. GeIL, if you are reading this, send me a kit!

OverclockersClub - Esoteria, or Esoteric, means specialized or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of people that are highly knowledgeable. Like the name suggests, this Series of memory is specialized in nature, designed with the enthusiasts in mind. Racing-inspired, the Esoteria Series is screaming for speed while boasting real carbon-fiber integrated onto the heat-spreaders. The carbon fiber is made by renowned aftermarket BMW Tuner-Vorsteiner with dry vacuumed form inspired by F1 racing technology. This is no wannabe imitation of fake carbon fiber. Each of the Esoteria carbon fiber heat-spreader requires being hand crafted for proper fitment. GeIL didn’t just stop at the looks. After all, it is what’s under the hood that counts. Optimized SPD to couple with the high-grade chips used in the Esoteria, overclockability has been increased while retaining stability. Due to the advanced and complexity nature of this product, it will be shipped in limited quantities.

Source:GeIL USA, Inc. announced the new “Esoteria Series”

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