Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tech Link (Mobile): Alienware Aurora m9700

The folks at LegionPCGamers gave a not-so-new Alienware* laptop a review, and since this site caters for gamers, the laptop in the test bench is geared for gaming. The author seems impressed at how good he can play games on such a laptop, and why not, a mobile Chipzilla processor has always been strong, in fact, the new Conroe CPU uA borrowed a lot of its strength from such mobile CPU uA. Expand for more...

Admittedly, up until recently I’ve never really viewed notebooks as being worthy gaming platforms. The reasons for which I’d maintained that belief have always centered around a perceived lack of performance, typical presence of heat build up and overall awkwardness created by small monitors and oddly shaped and or positioned keyboards. In fact, these issues have bothered me for so long that until a couple of months ago, I’d proudly traveled through life without ever owning one. And with a beast of a desktop rig sitting in my office, I’d never really felt like I was missing out. That was until I started going on more and more overseas business trips, which ironically, was also around the same time that I started frequenting the weekly LANs at the Legion Labs. And without a car with which to commute to them (limited to riding my motorbike) it became a logistical nightmare to drag my machine there. With those considerations, a good and capable notebook started to look more and more appealing.

Source:Alienware Aurora m9700

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