Thursday, August 10, 2006

Press Release: AquaCube - Revolutionary Compact Liquid Cooling Technology for PCs

A new cooler has just been released, the EBM-Papst AquaCube. It is a pre-filled self-contained water cooling system for all processor form factors. The unit consists of a water block, tubing, fluid reservoir, and heat exchanger with cooling 92 mm fan/hermetically sealed pump.

The AquaCube is the latest addition to ebm-papst's line of cooling components. It is an exciting option for OEMs of high performance computers and servers. Maintenance free, pre-filled, and ready to install, this unit is extremely adaptable for all applications.

ebm-papst's AquaCube consists of two modules: the liquid cooling cube and the heat absorber. The liquid cooling cube, containing the heat exchanger along with a new patented pump and fan, can be mounted several ways to accomodate a wide array of application needs. The heat absorber uses a highly conductive copper heat pickup and optimized fluid mechanics for maximum heat transfer. This cutting edge design makes the AquaCube extendable to integrate more heat absorbers, cool multiple CPUs, or to cool multiple components in one chassis.

ebm-papst integrated its advanced winglet fan technology to produce the quietest operation at high air performance, such that it eliminates the need for any other housing fan in most applications. Contact ebm-papst to learn more about the innovative AquaCube: 860.674.1515,

Source:AquaCube - Revolutionary Compact Liquid Cooling Technology for PCs

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