Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tech Link(Industry): Core 2 Duo Arrives for Notebooks

Sorry about the late news posting. It's just that, I really missed this one. In any case, while AMDTech says there's really not much fanfare about the release of this baby, well, it is not entirely accurate since when the new uA was launched last July for the desktop, there was a lot of worldwide events. And since all processor flavors from server, desktop and mobile is now unified, then the event really does include this processor. Now imagine this, does every release of processor based on the same uA really needs separate worldwide events? I don't think so. Anyway, expand for more....

Today Intel is expected to officially launch the Core 2 Duo processor for mobile platforms. Based on the Merom core, Core 2 Duo is arguably the industry's most anticipated mobile processor launch of this year. Judging from performance comparisons of its desktop counterpart, Conroe, Core 2 Duo should deliver some very impressive performance benchmarks in notebooks, which will also be announced this week. While Intel had a launch party for Core 2 Duo earlier last month, today marks the official day when products with Core 2 Duo processors become available. Expect major manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony and others to release notebooks based on the new platform.

Source:Core 2 Duo Arrives for Notebooks

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