Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): Mobile CPU Wars: Core 2 Duo vs. Core Duo

Wow, I guess it's clear I don't visit AMDTech. Ok, I'll let you on a secret, the AMDtech newspostings I post are always coming from friends who sent me links and a quote. If the article looks ok, i visit the site. But I really don't like that site anyway, not as much as despise TheINQ, just that, they reek of fanboyism. Anyway, when I got the tip about this, I realized that it was just under the memory review they made (which I posted yesterday). I guess, that gives out clue that I really don't visit there, not that it matters. So anyway, if you're interested with this review, go get there or expand this to see a little more quotes from the article.

While the world has been focused on the launch of Intel's desktop Core 2 Duo, codenamed Conroe, Intel has been readying its mobile counterpart also called Core 2 Duo. With only a few changes to its desktop counterpart -- mainly its lower clock speeds and FSB frequency and thus lower power -- there's no reason to call the mobile version anything but Core 2 Duo.

There hasn't been much interest in Core 2 Duo on the mobile side for two major reasons; for starters, unlike on the desktop, Intel already had a very competent mobile CPU - the Yonah based Core Duo processor. Seeing as how Core Duo is the predecessor to Core 2 Duo, you can already expect that Intel's current mobile performance is quite good.

Source:Mobile CPU Wars: Core 2 Duo vs. Core Duo

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