Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tech Link(Motherboard): ASUS P5NSLI: Core 2 Duo and SLI on a Budget

AMDTech has an article targetted for the so called "budget" segment, SLI, and the new Chipzilla CPU. This just ratifies that the new processor is really for the masses, and not just for those who have the $$$ to spend on extravagant things. Expand for more.

This quote by noted writer and practicing engineer Samuel C. Florman describes our initial thoughts about the ASUS P5NSLI motherboard. There has been much fanfare over the past few weeks surrounding the release of Intel's impressive Core 2 Duo lineup of processors. Up until now the only motherboards available that supported this CPU series have been sporting chipsets from Intel or VIA. (ASUS also offers the P5N32-SLI Deluxe SE which has Core 2 support, although that uses the older nForce4 chipset.) In fact, we are just now seeing additional Intel chipsets such as the 945P, 945G, 946PL, and 865 being launched, with the G965 and Q965 products on their way in September. After the wave of 975X and P965 products introduced at launch we are witnessing these products maturing from a performance viewpoint. Everyone has been wondering if, when, and what type of chipsets NVIDIA and ATI would bring to market to support Core 2 Duo.

Source:ASUS P5NSLI: Core 2 Duo and SLI on a Budget

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