Friday, August 18, 2006

Press Release: abit launches AW9D Series

abit, a world-reknowned motherboard manufacturer seems to have regained their strength and joined the slew of motherboard supporting the new Chipzilla processors. They are really focusing on developing an overclocking board, and they are touting it at this press release. I am getting my hands on it in about a month's time or so my contact said.

August 16 th , 2006 – Today Universal abit launched their much anticipated AW9D and AW9D-MAX motherboards based on the Intel 975X chipset. There has been much anticipation in the industry for this series and as far as looks go, these boards are built to please. The benchmarking has been exceptional in typical abit style and our tweakability and overclocking features have exceeded even our own expectations:

Mark, a bright new star in the abit engineering department, says: "I really like abit's ยต Guru overclocking features on this board and playing with the engineering samples I've managed to OC to 470 FSB using a 6800XE Core™ 2 Duo. The BIOS has plenty of options for adjusting FSB, tweaking voltages and controlling stability. It's truly an amazing overclocking motherboard ... I love it!"

Source:abit launches AW9D Series

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