Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tech Link (Industry): E3: R.I.P.

Sad, I used to be basing my game purchase plans for the future by checking out the latest and greatest E3 reviews. While I can agree on some of the author's POV, I still feel a bit of pain for having to see this once great show end up like that, a small get together catered for select few businesspeople, and media. Anyway, if you're interested, expand and read up more.

Word on the street is top execs at leading hardware/software manufacturers – Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Electronic Arts – had finally had their fill of overspending on the event and seeing scant return on investment. The upshot: Each proceeded to then pull out of attendance, which in turn sparked a chain reaction amongst smaller publishers, who began to question their own involvement.

Source:E3: R.I.P.

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