Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rant: Removing Meebo

I decided that I will remove Meebo since I will not be having enough time to have a chat with my visitors. I can't believe my Meebo would get so busy, that, I never had time to answer them. It seems that the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E4300 has reached many crooks and crannies on the web and I just got swarmed with Meebo IMs.

At first, it was manageable, I can answer a few chats here and there. However, reality sets in and I just can't give each visitor a nice warm interaction that I hope I could maintain and muster. I stopped logging in since I feel that I can't really give any good interaction. In the end, I feel I am cheating my visitors if I don't log in to meebo, so now, I'll remove it.

I'll try and find other ways and means to have interaction aside from the "comments" section. I receive emails that Blog post comments isn't really "nice" because once the Blog has dropped down further into the archive, it's not easily seen even when the Blog is "commented" again. Well, the work around is just bookmark a specific Blog but that's a crude workaround. Anyway, since I really don't expect any huge interaction (nor can I provide much time for that), let's just stick with Blog comments, and email.

And yes, Tag Board is not coming up agan because of the annoying pop up. Laterz....

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