Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tech Link (Power Supply): be quiet! 750W & 850W Dark Power Pro PSU Review

VH isn't my favorite site due to their massive advertisement, but hey, most tech sites are as well, but that's besides the point. They have posted a review of two PSUs that are badly needed nowadays because of high end video cards. Intel have improved power consumption on their processors and chipsets, but video card manufacturers are demanding more and more, so if you are planning to get a new PSU, check out the short and neat review. Expand to read the conclusion or to check out the full review.

What a solid performer, and doing so quietly! The finish on the enclosure is one of my favorites. The modular cable system is over the top. The cables are of sufficient length, and in some smaller cases, even too long, but the folks with servers cases or even companies with a server setup will love the extra long cables. Onto the interior, which is laid out well and not crammed with parts. Everything is spaced nicely and should allow for proper airflow over the components.

One thing I wasn't happy with on the inside was how the wires were soldered to the modular plug board. Some of the connections look like they could have been seated better to the circuit board. On the positive side to the plugs themselves, they were all soldered properly and felt solid. What else felt solid was how well the modular plug board was attached to the chassis of the power supply, and the nuts holding it in place had glue on them to prevent them from coming loose.

During the testing, each Dark Power Pro PSU tested the same. They each got 342 watts of load put to several of the rails. The power supply barely got warm and provided this power effortlessly. Since the power supplies are basically the same except for the wattage, I can recommend either one for a dual video card setup.

Also these power supplies have been Nvidia SLI and ATI CrossFire approved. You may prefer to get the 850W if you are going with a quad GPU setup, just to have the extra headroom. For the server folks, grab either one of the these PSU's; you're also gonna love the long cables and the plethora of connections. I would like to thank be quiet! for sending out these units for VH to review.

Source:be quiet! 750W & 850W Dark Power Pro PSU Review

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