Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brag: P4 631@8000mhz (8GHz)

An overclocker group named Thugs has taken the world record overclock of an Intel processor in terms of pure clock frequency, highest overclock for that processor, and highest FSB for the same processor. I honestly don't know these boyz, but hey, they have a CPU-Z validation so who am I to complain :). Click on the CPU-Z image to be taken to the validation link. Expand to read more...

Hi men,
yesterday we and our dear friend qballe tested again our golden p4 631, with a fullmod P5B; the results are simply awesome!here the setup

-p4 631 alien
-Asus p5b dlx full mod
-2 x1Gbyte Cellshock (1 giga Adata for max screen)
-Ali PC P&C 1kw

wr taken

Source:ThuG strikes again!p4 631@8000mhz

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