Thursday, January 04, 2007

Press Release: HR-07 RAM Cooler New Release

Better late than never, I thought I have posted this during the Holiday season but I guess I just missed it. Anyway, Thermalright has a very interesting cooler on their line-up, and it's not for the CPU, GPU, and chipset. It's for the memory!!! Yep, for your RAM. I don't know people are going to cool their RAM that comes with heatspreader though, but for bare-naked RAM, and if you like to put more "bling" to it, then this should fit the need (but I am not sure if it will fit the bill). Expand for more...

At the height of advanced technology with computer parts and devices getting hotter and hotter you might not know this but when you increase the voltage and frequency during overclocking, you not only increase the speed and performance of you computer but you also increased a mass of heat created inside your computer case and that includes the heat coming from your memory modules. That temperature increase alone can be as much as 10 degree Celsius. Added to the total of increased heat, your computer case could contain 60 degree Celsius or above!

Some memory module manufacturer tried to cool that part of the equation by putting heat spreaders on those memory modules. But experts would know this: the heat gathered by the heat spreader has no where to go and the constant heat coming from the memory chips would render the heat spreaders to be useless. They do not have much cooling effect except for visual effects with fancy LED and cool company logos but that's about it.

To solve this problem and paving the way for all future RAM cooling, Thermalright has come up with another innovative design in the name of HR-07, and bring with it the technology of heatpipes!

HR-07 will rid of all doubts and misled concepts about RAM coolers and truly solve the RAM heat problem by ways of twin heatpipes and proprietary through holes found in every of our High Riser series heatsink, giving you that luxury of quietness provided that your computer case has a well air flow management. For those who take advantage of Dual Channel mode, you can even install a second HR-07 and be given the additional option to install a fan to truly have the ultimate cooling solution for your memory modules!

HR-07 is not only easy to install and uninstall, it will not damage the warranty label on your memory module. HR-07 uses low adhesive double-sided thermal pads to cushion and protect your memory module so for those who are concerned with the warranty label being scraped or torn up during removal of HR-07 need not worry. We have considered every factor to help bringing you a peace of mind.

So are you still mesmerized by the flashy LED gimmick from those traditional RAM coolers that does nothing but for decoration or do you want the real power of cooling? Make the right choice and make it a Thermalright! HR-07!!

Source:HR-07 RAM Cooler New Release

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