Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tech Link (Graphics): The Silent XFX Fatal1ty GeForce 7600GT

If you are looking for a nice video card that will not break the bank, then HardwareUpgrade might just have what you are looking for. It is passively cooled (aka silent) and comes factory overclocked so it's a plus. The video card looks really cool, but only because of the passive cooler and color and not necessarily because of the Fatal1ty logo. Check it out...

Thanks to the faster operating frequencies of the XFX Fatal1ty 7600 GT, it is able to outperform the reference NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT along with all three Radeon X1650XT contenders. Through Newegg, the video card is currently available for $179.99. Most Radeon X1650XT cards run for around $20 less, but the passive cooling solution of the XFX Fatal1ty 7600 GT makes it worth the 20 bucks more.

The video card is factory overclocked and is the most factory overclocked and guaranteed video card currently available. Even though it is already overclocked, we tried to increase its operating frequencies even further, but didn’t get very far compared to the factory overclock. The maximum we reached was 670 MHz for the core and 1635 MHz for memory.

The video card is a definite plus for use in HTPCs. Completely silent, it comes with NVIDIA PureVideo support and also support High Defintion videos. As we said before, it would fit perfectly into a home theater environment. The only limitation of this product, however, is that it doesn’t have any HDCP support and therefore cannot play protected high definition content at full resolution and instead only at standard definition.

Source:The Silent XFX Fatal1ty GeForce 7600GT

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