Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tech Link (Cooler): Thermaltake Spirit RS

It would have been a Press Release kind of posting, but it seems that Thermalright* has nothing to "announce" about their newly released product.

The new product is a memory cooler, with heatpipe and fins. It reminds me of the newly released Thermalright HR-07 RAM Cooler. Anyway, both of them looked cool, but I prefer the Thermalright one because of the all-silver (or nickel?) themed cooler.

This will render some of those over-the-ram-fan coolers somehow, well, obsolete. The question is, is it really needed on typical memory overclock. I guess if you're the type who likes putting more than 2.4v on your DDR2 or has a knack for anything heatpipe with fins, this one will satisfy that hunger.

Source:Thermaltake Spirit RS

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