Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tech Link (Overclock): Overclocking at Intel

Who would have thought that Intel will be more accepting of the overclocking community? In the past, Intel has made a very strong stance against overclocking, and I believe they still are not that "open" when it comes to this field but they are more and more more open at supporting ad-hoc extreme tests. FUGGER of XS has a sticky thread over at XS about the XUG with which Intel invited known enthusiasts and discussed about overclocking and technology that goes with it.

While I don't see Intel becoming more relax with dead processors due to overclocking, I see Intel taking advantage of the expertise of the enthusiasts and get an "outsiders' point of view" with how the processors perform, under extreme conditions. Anyway, enough of my ranting, check out the article over at NordicHardware or expand the news post for an excerpt of the article.


At the launch of Intel's first Quad-core processor Core 2 Extreme QX6700 we decided to take a closer look at it. That was far from everything we wanted to do with it though, and in the true spirit of NordicHardware we decided that to do things a bit more unorthodox. Robert 'crotale' Kihlberg and Marcus 'Kinc' Hultin are both famous for their overclocking skills and numerous worlds. Accompanied by ex-overclocker and assisting editor in chief Andreas 'Delph1' Galistel they would test Intel's new processor under completely different circumstances, but not at the homes of any of the X-legends but Intel's very own labs.

Source:Overclocking at Intel

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