Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tech Link (Game): Starcraft 2 is real!

This must be the best news ever for the long time fans of the Starcraft game. I, for one, am so delighted to know that the successor to the one of most succesful RTS game of all time is more than just a rumor, but a reality. This announcement renewed my excitement as a gamer, as I have been lagging behind in playing any kind of game.

The announcement is actually just part of my excitement, but what really blows my mind the fact that it is still an RTS. World of Warcraft is a big dissapointment for me, after Blizzard decided to port this game into MMORPG, I begun to shy away from the game. Warcraft III and Frozen Throne are great games, but WoW is just a bummer for me.

Of course, I am not saying Blizzard is a bad company for wanting to make money, it's the fact of life that business is there to make money. They are living up to their promise of providing great game, and my friends who are WoW players swear how good it is. Of course, there are quirks, but nothing is perfect. I tried it for 10days, then played with it whenever I can (usually, less than an two hours per month) before I gave up as I don't really like that genre.

Anyway, I will surely be refreshing the official website from time to time to read up more on the developments of the game. And don't forget to watch out the game trailers and demo gameplay, it rocks big time.

Check out more about this game on Blizzard.

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