Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tech Link (Memory): OC Report :: OCZ Reaper HPC 2x1GB PC9200 C5

3oh6 of XS has posted a nice OC report of one of the newest memory from OCZ*. And this memory is none other than the nice lookin' Reaper series. Better check it out for the full scoop. Expand to read more...

OCZ is not going to be a stranger to anyone reading this but these new modules that I am reporting on today may not have crossed everyones eyes. The Reaper HPC series is OCZ Technologies latest line of performance memory with an enhanced heatsink to help keep the memory running cool. The OCZ Reaper HPC comes in four flavours at the time of writing this report...2x1gb PC6400, 2x1gb PC6400 EB Edition, 2x1gb PC8500 and 2x1GB PC9200 kits. I will be clocking the PC9200 2GB kit.

I believe in full disclosure so I won't be hiding the fact that these modules are a review sample sent to me from OCZ. I have never been sent anything but random samples equating to average end-user results in the past and believe in the results as a single sample out of many. Here is a brief look at the specifications of the all black modules.

Source:OC Report :: OCZ Reaper HPC 2x1GB PC9200 C5

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