Friday, May 18, 2007

Tech Link (Motherboard): abit AB9 QuadGT

HardOCP has an article posted about Abit*'s motherboard. The QuadGT is not something I can call new, as it's been out in the market for quite some time. Check it out...


Morry's Thoughts:
abit has done it again with the AB9 QuadGT motherboard. They’ve successfully delivered a high performance, high stability solution pushing the technological envelopes as well. The board comes standard with high performance all metal-solid state capacitors, as well as digital power regulation circuitry for the CPU. The board layout and heat pipe design were well thought out as well, with the rear panel CMOS switch, onboard power and reset buttons, and 2-digit diagnostic display as added in gravy.

My only complaint with the board – not being able to make the 500MHz overclock club with it. I tried my best and came as close as possible. However, a 475MHz overclock is in no way anything to be shunned, especially given the fact that that FSB speed forces the CPU to run at almost 2x its rated speed.

What more can I say here? It appears that for all intents and purposes that abit is back ladies and gentlemen, and they are gunning for the top spot as always. The AB9 QuadGT hails to the glory days of abit, and is definitely not a board to be passed up. Give this one a good hard look it you’re looking to upgrade…

Kyle's Thoughts:
abit was the company that got me into the hardware review business so many years ago, so they have always been one of my favorite motherboard builders over the years. That is not to say they did not miss the mark a couple of times in the last decade, but in the recent past they have somewhat fallen off of the enthusiast radar, including my own. With the new Universal abit company formed we were promised motherboards that were engineered like abit motherboards of the past, but until now Universal abit has pulled up short. The AB9 QuadGT is the best true enthusiast motherboard that abit has made in a long time. Hopefully the QuadGT will pave the way for more quality enthusiast motherboards behind it.

The Bottom Line
The abit AB9 QuadGT is a Core 2 Quad ready enthusiast motherboard that is truly worthy of the abit legacy. It has a tremendously stable and solid build and is a motherboard that we would not hesitate to use ourselves. All but the most hardcore overclockers are going to be very satisfied with this motherboard.

Source:abit AB9 QuadGT

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