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Article: "Spiderman 3" - a FanBoy's take on the movie...

After securing the tickets and waiting for months, I finally got to see the movie! I have been edgy and pretty much excited on watching this that I really skipped reading the previews and early critics or anything related to Spiderman. I don't like any spoiler, I'd like to see the movie for myself and post my thoughts. So today, I just saw it. What's my verdict? Read on to find out...

I. Background
It's no suprise that Spiderman 3 will pick up where Spiderman 2 left off. There's a trail of Spiderman 1 history lessons as well, as the battle continues between Harry and Peter Parker. Hey, don't tell me you never really know the friction between the two "best friends".

Aside from that, there are several new characters that are introduced into the movie. For the super villains, Venom appears and another super villain is Sandman. I am particularly interested with what's going to happen with Mary Jane's ex-BF in part Spiderman 2 but he never made an appearance. Now, I am focusing my attention with Peter Parker's beautiful lab mate.

II. Storyline
To be frank, I am quite confused with this movie. For one, during the early part of the movie, I am focused on how Sandman will affect Peter Parker's life. My focus, because of how the movie started, is all about this Sandman guy. But as the story unfolds, it's all about the seemingly unbroken ties between the original characters: Peter, MJ, Harry, and yes Aunt May(??).

The heart of the story never really deviates from the first two, it's all about the battle within Spiderman himself. In Spiderman 1, he is just trying to discover his self, and lay down the foundation of story for Spiderman 2 and eventually, Spiderman 3. But still, Spiderman 1 also shows his inner battle, that is the struggle between power and the responsibility that goes with it. In Spiderman 2, again, it's an inner battle, that is to forgive himself and to actually know what he really wanted to be: hero or normal guy. In Spiderman 2, it's very easy to catch the storyline, and it also solidify Harry Osborne's position as the next super villain. Spiderman 3 is again, a battle within himself, his darkside that has been trying to get out. The super villains, like Green Goblin in Spiderman 1, Doc Oc in Spiderman 2, and now Sandman in Spiderman 3 are just spices to the movie. Well, not that I expect too much from them, they did lay the foundation as I said earlier.

III. Characters
I love the characters and their portrayal in the movie. I love Harry Osborne, I always love the guy, even from the start of the series. I just feel bad about him on this movie, it's a major letdown actually. I wish it could have been written differently, but I guess there's no room for two heroes on NY city so he has to go.

Spiderman / Peter Parker - the soft spoken, good tempered Peter Parker returned as his usual self with a twist: showing the evil part of his humanity and how vulnerable he is even as Spiderman. I like the acting as usual, but he has a lot of idle moments which adds to the dragging sensation that I felt.

MJ / Mary Jane Watson - Good acting as usual, not much to ask from her except, she really needs to look more beautiful. Her fangs are lovely, I'd love to be bitten by her, but at her young age, I am bit worried at how bad she looks when she's really not in a good mod (meh). No wet look this time around though, sigh...

Green Goblin II / Harry Osborne - My all time favorite character. He's one cool guy, literally, even when he turned into an antagonist. He redeemed himself in the end though. He has a better outfit now, more black than green. His mask isn't the same as the original Green Goblin which covers the whole face, Harry the Green Goblin looks more like a modern Ninja, yay for Harry.

Sandman / Flint Marko - His lips are scary, the face so square you won't really mistook him for a vilain. But inside his strong and rugged visage is a heart of man, a father, who only wants good things for his daughter.

Venom / Eddie Brock - I never liked the guy, and that's what makes his acting great. He is able to really let me feel that he is such a jack ass. I'd love to see him in other movies as a naughty guy or in a similar character.

IV. Costumes, Effects(FX), and Battle Scenes
The movie shows the strength of CGI. Sandman is a scene to behold, and the transformation of Eddie Brock into Venom is amazing. I liked the smooth sailing Spiderman, webbing his way across the city block.

For battle scenes, the highlights is between Spider Man and Green Goblin tag team versus Venom and Sandman tag team. The protagonist composed of mutation and technological power hose, while the other is about the freak team.

I can't believe how weak Sandman is compared to all the other characters of the series, while Venom is just so amazingly unbalanced. Too bad, they got defeated, I'd like to see them go down, but not like that.

V. Verdict and Conclusion
While I love this installment of the series, it pales in comparison to the other two, specially Spiderman 2. The story seems weak, and not that "smooth" as it appears more like tattered rags patched all together. There's a twist and turn, but other than shallow mysteries, it's just that. If you are a serious fan, then you should watch this one. However, if you just want to past the time, then better check other movie reviews.

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