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Tech Link (Coolers) OCZ Vindicator: Scythe Ninja Clone or New Proprietary Design?

XbitLabs has a short article up about the giants in enthusiast community: OCZ and Scythe. XbitLabs author did a great job getting the messages straight from the horses mouth. Expand to check out what the conclusion is..

A few days ago we posted a review of the new cooling solution from OCZ Technology – OCZ Vindicator. If you have read the article you remember that we stressed several times the resemblance between this solution and another popular cooling product – Ninja cooler from Scythe Company. The same feedback comes from many users who have had a chance to compare these two solutions.

Today we were contacted by Scythe representative, Andreas Bunen, who provided us with the official statement regarding the above mentioned resemblance that confuses reviewers and users. Here it is:

"Scythe is a stock holder of the factory where we produce our coolers, and also the factory is a stock holder of the Scythe Taiwan office where we have a very tight relationship almost as close as a group company. Within this relationship we are acknowledged and aware of all shipments done from the factory. But OCZ is not one of them. With the above said, we are definitely sure that OCZ coolers are manufactured in another factory. The only components that are common between the two are the hex caps on the heat pipes, which are supplied outside of our cooler factory.

We also have not approved OCZ's design in any form or shape, nor did we receive any OEM request. Their products are just a simple copy of Ninja and we are currently being troubled by this untrue rumor."
As we see, Scythe Company denies any relation between Vindicator and Ninja claiming that OCZ has copied the design of their successful solution. Of course, we couldn’t help asking OCZ Technology to comment in return. Here is what Alex Mei, Executive VP and CMO of OPCZ Technology Group had to say:

"The OCZ Vindicator is in no way affiliated with the Scythe offering, and makes use of our own designed fin array to deliver another option for consumers. We make use of our own expertise in thermal design and have created an enlarged array providing more surface area. The Vindicator is produced at a completely separate manufacturing facility as the competitor offering, and done so to our own set of exacting standards. In the future you can expect many more enthusiast cooling solutions that will be increasingly differentiated, and even make use of patented technologies."
As this comment suggests, OCZ did use Ninja design as a basis having introduced slight modifications to it. Nevertheless, Scythe seems to be reacting very calmly to this matter. Both coolers are of similar efficiency and are currently selling at comparable prices.

You can read more on their practical performance in our review called OCZ Vindicator CPU Cooler Review: When the Copy is As Good As the Original.

Source:OCZ Vindicator: Scythe Ninja Clone or New Proprietary Design?
OCZ and Scythe Officials Argue

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