Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tech Link (Motherboard): MSI P965 Platinum Review

Hmm, Blogger seems to be having a bit of a problem lately. Ever since I transition to their "beta" site, I have always been having quirks and fits and hiccups. Anyway, I found a review that is quite nice for stock or low overclock. The author seems to have issues pushing this motherboard higher than 366MHz. If you are not an overclocker and is figuring out what board to pair with your nice, and shiny conroe, give this review a look and decide for yourself. Expand for more...

Core 2 Duo has brought upon us a massive influx of motherboards all vying to hold together your fancy new Core 2 PC. Despite these many options however, there are only a handful of chipsets being employed by motherboard manufacturers in all Core 2 supporting motherboards. We've both P965 and 975X based boards and found them to be excellent products. We also looked at MSI's own 975X Platinum which was a fair contender against competitors. Today we are reviewing their more budget oriented P965 flavoured board for Core 2 Duo.

The MSI P965 Platinum, as you may imagine, uses the 965 chipset from Intel and has full support for Core 2 processors as well as a number of other important features. While 965 based chipsets don't feature full bandwidth Crossfire as their 975X counterparts do (we'll get into this on the next page), they are able to reach higher FSB speeds for overclocking chips with lower multipliers. Our full review will take a look at all the aspects of this board including its overclocking performance so keep reading!

Source:MSI P965 Platinum Review

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