Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Brag: Kentsfield Quad Core? How about Clovertown Eight Cores

I got some time to play with the big bad Clovertown so I manage to snag a CPU-Z and post it as my new bragging thread. I'll try to run some benchies if time permits, but right now, bask in the glory of eight cores. I am just excited to test out some multimedia stuff in this baby.

Click on the CPU-Z image for the validation link. For the un-initiated, notice the "CPU : Intel Xeon (*2)". Compare it with my Kentsfield which says "CPU : Intel Core 2 Extreme (*1)". See, Kentsfield is single socket Quad Core, while this new rig is dual socket Quad Core, with a whooping total of eight (8) cores. FanBoy out...

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