Friday, November 10, 2006

Misc: I just got back home..

Too tired from the trip. But it's all worth it. I'll try to manage my thoughts tomorrow, for now, I'm off to having a good rest.

Update (11/11/2006): I guess I don't want to miss an opportunity to share with all that "boy scouts" aren't dead. Ok, it would be more apt to say "girl scouts". It is because, on my way back home and my last stop over which is HK, one of my fellow Pinoy lost $400 US. It's not something that is small, it's actually a hefty amount. The young man, aged between 20 and 25, just came back from his duty as a "seaman" and he just found out he lost his money. It seems idiocy is also still very healthy, that is, when he was sharing his story of how it he must have lost his hard earned cash. Expand for more...

I am not going to share how he lost it, but suffice it to say, that after his valiant attempt to recover it, and the boarding time is ticking (close to 5mins before before boarding), a middle aged lady stepped in and offered $100. The two doesn't know each other, but she is a fellow Pinay (hence, the "girl scout"). She gave a "lesson" to the young man, about how to properly manage his money, etc. etc. At first, the young boy said "no thanks" but after the second offer, he gave in and accepted.

While I am against the offer (hey, that young man sure have more money in his stash, he just lost some of his loot along the way), it just makes me happy that someone has given assistance. I sure would have been happy for such kind heart being offered if I we'll be in such same situation as the young man, but I will not be stupid enough to get the money unless I really don't have any in the first place. I mean, hey, he's got a couple of bags of "duty free" already.

Oh well, there are lots of things that happened between the two, but I am not going to elaborate more. Just suffice it to say, I applaud the lady for such kind heart and I wish her a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and most of all, a happy life.

That is all for the day!

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