Friday, June 30, 2006

Tech Link (Processor): A New Perspective : Intel’s “Woodcrest” Xeon Previewed

Woodcrest has been making big splashes lately. For the un-initiated, Woodcrest is the codename for an Intel® Xeon® processor based on Intel® Core™ uA. If you are still clueless, think of it as an uber Intel® Core® 2 Duo, or Conroe. It packs a whooping processing power, sure to make your drool glands overflow in no time. Expand to read on more about the article..

Intel is on the verge of their first major architecture change in the last five years. Within the next several weeks, Intel will be replacing their current desktop, gaming, workstation, and server processors with newer models based on their heavily hyped "Core" architecture. "Core" is the replacement architecture for Intel's "Netburst" architecture which was the basis of the Pentium-4, Pentium-D, Pentium Extreme Edition and (most) modern Xeon processors. Many are calling this massive change the largest single paradigm shift in Intel's 38 year history, as the company is moving away from raw clock speeds and performance at all costs to providing more balanced solutions along with "platforms" of multiple components bundled together.


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