Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tech Link (Chassis): Thermaltake Aquila is one bad-ass Gorilla

OCModShop has a new chassis review. What got my attention is not the fact that it's made by Thermaltake*, or that it can support BTX and ATX form factor, or that it weighs a whooping 10KG, but the fact that it is called "Aguila" and even the logo is designed to look like one. Why the author called it a "gorilla" is beyond me, Aguila means "Eagle".

When searching for the quietest, nicest case for your rig, there are certain features you must look for. Some of these are Size, Air Flow, and Expandability. Thermaltake has been making cases along with their other equipment, targeting the computer enthusiast and hardware modder. Thermaltake's Aguila case looks to be a well-built and expandable case that's sure to impress at the next LAN party!


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