Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tech Link (Mobile): Alienware M11x: World’s Smallest Gaming Laptop

Anandtech has a new review up for a gaming laptop, dubbed as "World's Smallest Gaming" laptop. I guess it sounded like something that should go for Guinness Records only that it's less awesome-sounding. And oh, if you've been away of Anandtech for a while, don't be surprised with their new layout: gay!

The Alienware M11x first hit headlines in January at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Even without testing the unit, we could see that there was some real potential in the component selections. ASUS already showed us with their UL series that overclocked CULV processors can easily cope with most modern games, provided they have a GPU that is up to the task. The UL series uses GeForce G210M graphics cards, and while they’re substantially faster than any current IGP solution, they still struggle with running many games at anything more than low/minimum detail settings. A faster GPU is necessary for higher quality settings, but where exactly does the bottleneck shift from the GPU back to the CPU when we’re dealing with overclocked CULV? The M11x looks to answer that question by going with a rather potent GeForce GT335M.


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