Sunday, April 04, 2010

Misc: Technical or Non-Technical, that is the question

Confused! That's one word to describe the last few days and still now. I have a chance to further my technical position or completely take a detour and leave the technical part behind (and that means death of this Blog too)....

The thing is, for the past several years, I have been doing a lot of business process re-engineering, time and motion study, process improvement, projects, developing workforce, changing how the technical team works together, on top of my "usual" technical stuff (fiddling with processors, boards, operating system, etc).

I love the "perks" of being technical. I get to enjoy the new "toyz" before they are even released on the market. I have quarterly budget to buy the latest gadgets. I get to talk to the "go-to" people in the industry when it comes to technology and have access to secret information. However, these things "used" to be the main bulk of my job, but lately they are becoming less and less of what I actually do.

I get assigned to doing projects and those mind-boggling things I mentioned earlier. At first, I find my new assignment rather boring but I began to like it. After 2 or 3 years, I went from 75% techie/25% non-tech to 10% tech/90% non-tech. I would be lucky if I can get a day of the week to install an OS and play with it and know the ins-outs of the new hardware. While I will have the gadgets, I don't have the time to play with them.

Staying in my current one with better responsibility and higher expectation isn't so bad and I get to stay as an "engineer" but that's where the challenge comes in: engineer.

I mean, I don't have problems being an "engineer" person, but at my age and in the event I need to change company, a "manager" title is better sounding, not to mention they (often) command higher pay. I envy those techie manager at sales, they get to have cool title but still play around with hardware. I can only choose one, and the opportunity is rare...

More sleepless nights await me and the clock is ticking....

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