Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Misc: Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC can overclock!

I was doing some trivial testing with Windows 7 with a typical Intel board (Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC) and I decided to change something in the BIOS. Something caught my eye and decided to play around with it. That something is about changing Host Clock Frequency.

I thought it's probably because my board is an engineering sample, so I never really give it much thought. I know Intel is adding overclock options, but more on their so called "Extreme Series" board. So I did a quick BIOS update, since I'm using a Beta BIOS, just to check if that BIOS option will go away. But surprise, it stuck up. So the next thing to do is to see if it works!

And another surprise, it does work. It's rather limited, but the thing is, it works!!! I will try to play around with it more and see if I can run a few benchmarks too. It's probably be interesting for those who are looking for a decently price board from Intel but still longing for overclock.

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