Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tech Link (Game): SC2 on June 11?

You know how it is for Fanboys, we get excited for anything and everything related to the things we love. So apparently, a German site found out something about the release date of Starcraft II. Of course, me being not included with CB (Close Beta) is really gearing up for this game. After all, the last Blizzard I played is Warcraft III (yeah, I played WoW but I never got past the free trial days). Expand to read on more...

One finding scared the hell out of me these days. I found this on some german mapping community (thanx to the great sc2 editor)

If you take a close look at a piece of artwork that shows a space marine, you can find some really exiting stuff. The helmet display of our lovely rine shows a bunch of figures that could be dates.


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