Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tech Link (Industry): Web Browser Grand Prix: The Top Five, Tested And Ranked

THG has posted a web-browser speedfest. They pit the top 5 browsers known to mankind and put them to the test. Are you a fan of any browser? Well, I am. I am mostly a FireFox / Chrome guy (leaning more to FireFox). Check out whether your favorite browser wins some score or performs poorly like umm...just check it out!

"The fastest browser on Earth."

That's what the Opera homepage has said since Tuesday. After five release candidates and two betas, the boys from Oslo just recently launched the final build of Opera 10.50. That's a pretty heavy claim to make, though, especially with well-establish competition already in the field demonstrating impressive performance at an unbeatably-low price. Does it hold up?

And although you might have missed it due to iPad hysteria, both Mozilla and Google recently released new versions of their browsers as well. Opera isn't the only one making bold statements on performance, either. In the days leading up to the unveiling of Apple's impossibly over-hyped slate, Mozilla dropped Firefox 3.6 and claimed a whopping 20% speed gain over version 3.5. Three days later, Google quietly unveiled Chrome 4.0 stable, though the actual version number is


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