Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tech Link (Motherboard): First Look: MSI XPower X58 Big Bang Motherboard

The folks at bit-tech had their paws and fangs wet with their first look with MSI's latest board MSI XPower X58. It looks cool, black and blue combo with heatpipe hogging the CPU VRMs. Forget about your "legacy" add-on card because this board won't take any old technology in its six 16x PCI-Express slots!!!!

Everyone seems to be in the midst of an X58 refresh right now; partly due to the arrival of SATA 6Gbps and USB 3, but mostly thanks to Intel's new 6-core Gulftown Core i7-980X Extreme Edition. We've seen Asus' latest Republic of Gamers motherboard and we got an early look at MSI's latest XPower board at the start of last month. The board has been refined since, so MSI dropped it off at the bit-tech lab in order for us to take it apart have another look.


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