Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tech Link (Cooler): Asus Arctic Square Heatsink Review

The folks over at FrostyTech busy themselves with a new Asus heatsink. I really like the heatsink, well, the looks is a killer. The reviewer found the cooler performs well, though it is not the king when it comes to bringing the lowest temperature in their own database. Expand to read out an excerpt of their article...

Ultimately the Asus Arctic Square heatsink is a good lower noise thermal solution with the capability of handling higher heat loads from modern day multi-core processors, or for adequately cooling single core chips from either AMD or Intel. Its bulky shape may prevent it from being used with some motherboards that have large heatsinks mounted to the MOSFETs or northbridge, but otherwise the Asus Arctic Square heatsink is easily recommendable.

Source:Asus Arctic Square Heatsink Review

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