Friday, December 30, 2005

Tech Link (Industry): Inside Out: Intel may get a new tag line someone beats me to it (I mean, posting the news), I am planning to give out some clue, but I can't figure out how to deliver it. This is why I have the "spoiler" thingie below, and then I thought, hey why not just wait for the actual release date first week of January instead of spoiling everything (oops, did I say that out loud?)...

Anyway, The Economic Times has just posted some of the things we, fanboys, should be looking out for. I find it interesting as well that the author have seen the new logos posted on the x86-secret site, so he's pretty much an enthusiasts (or just resourceful) imo.

Anyway, not to be outdone, all I can share is that the "announcements" that will come this January 2006 will be a lot, and I mean, a lot. There will be changes, but as far as I can recall, there will be product launches, marketing campaign, a tag line, new branding scheme, and of course, new logos!

PS: If you will be hunting for the new logo at X86, you're too late, it's been taken down already. But you can still see themm at *cough* xbitlabs *cough* thg *cough*

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