Friday, December 30, 2005

Tech Link (Industry): The Industry Now Knows Intel®'s New TagLine

Well, the industry knows "part" of what is to unfold early next year. Anand just posted a news article about the new tagline and Intel's new approach in marketing next year.

In this article, Anand made several links about the "Leap Ahead" tag line. However, if you're a TPC member, you'll probably seen it earlier than Anand =).

In some of the items posted, like this microphone, there's already a hint of what's to come. In the news posted at Anand, they also mentioned about the Viiv (pronounced like "five"), and how Intel® is moving away from "just" being a "processor" company. It shouldn't come as no surprise though, since Intel® imo, isn't just a "parts" builder but a whole system builder. They are already manufacturing the processor, chipsets for both low and high end, motherboards for desktop and servers, graphics cards, and even flash products used for commercial electronics.

"Centrino" will now be followed by many "similar" product offerings, building on the success of branding, marketing, and technological innovation in making a stable and easy computing. Truly, an interesting new year is ahead of us...

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