Friday, December 30, 2005

Misc: Snooze, You Win

Read on and ensure you give your boss a link to this article. While I do prefer "sleep" over "naps" for actual "resting", no one can dispute the fact that taking a "nap" can be useful from time to time.

This article from Men's Journal discuss about "power nap". They took the billionaire adventurer Steve Fosset as an example, who amazingly, slept just around 60mins during his 67hours of flight! Below is an excerpt of the article, but I highly encourage you to read the whole of it as it also gave tips on how you can attain such power naps.

When billionaire adventurer Steve Fossett broke the record for around-the-world solo jet flight last March, he slept just 60 minutes in 67 hours of flight time -- 60 minutes broken into two- and three-minute naps. "I slept when I needed it and awoke refreshed," he says. Fossett, who holds world records in ballooning, sailing, and flying, adds that none of his feats could have been done without these micro-variety "power naps."

So what makes a power nap effective? Think of it as an investment with the greatest return in the least amount of time, a kind of super-efficient sleep that fits nicely in a high-pressure schedule: say, between business meetings or in the minutes before a game.

Read more about it here!

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