Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tech Link: It is official, iPad 3 is out!

Well, it's not it's unofficial, but just saying it's officially unveiled by Apple today. Before the unveiling, wifey has been asking if I am interested since I already have iPad 1. iPad 2 has nothing really new to offer to me so it's a "so so" for me. Besides having iPad 1 (2010), iPod Nano (2007), I only added one iOS device lately to the family, which is iPhone 4S.

And the iPhone 4S was bought not because it's Apple, but mainly because the competition is much much more expensive, and downright ridiculous i.e. you can't get RAZR other than Verizon, or unlimited internet other than Sprint, but this is another story worth of another blog. Anyway, I told wifey that if there's anything I really look forward to iPad 3 is: a) Better Display b) Better Battery Everything else worked fine for me using the iPad 1. It's a companion device, I don't expect it do anything serious. I could care less for Siri (or Silly), nor the detailed tech specs. As long as applications runs smooth, it doesnt matter what hardware it has. Unlike PC where you absolutely need to know the specs because of the myriad of applications, with a (stupidly) closed system, Apple has done a great job making sure that apps on iTunes worked great.

Of course, there's exemptions (for example the recently pulled out Simpsons Tapped Out game), but nothing that my kids won't miss. Anyway, several things I liked about this iPad is that:

  1. It does have better display, 2048 x 1536 is just pure awesomeness.
  2. It has "relatively" better battery. It does have the same battery time as iPad 1, except this iPad 3 has quadcore graphics processor and dual core.
 However, like I said, I could care less whether it's single, dual, or quad processor for CPU and GPU. As long as the device performs, it's all good. So while delivering the same battery life for better specs seemed (and it is) nice, it's a little below my expectations. Other than the those two, what I love are:

  1. Great camera
  2. Hotspot support (finally)
So yeah, where iPad 2 is lame, this iPad 3 is great.


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