Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Review: The new iPad

As a techie FanBoy, my mind keeps rolling and rolling if I have been missing into the "the new Ipad" craze. Apple, it seems, has been slowly grasping on my system: slowly, but surely, playing games with my mind. However still, I manage to push back the rabid attack, that ghastly whisper keeps me awake at night, but I knew that sooner or later, I have to stand up and fight. So, I did the unthinkable, and "got" one for a test run. I tested one for a couple of days, and the verdict is that: I am not sold out on "the new iPad" (ok, that's really quick isn't it?). This is based on my usage model with my old iPad (first gen). Here on, I will call "the new Ipad" as niPad and my iPad 1 as oiPad. And if you haven't been turned off because I already posted my conclusion, then go read more.

Pros of niPad vs oiPad: 

  • Fast
  • Same/similar price tag
  • Better specs

Con of niPad vs oiPad: 

  • Hotter room temp of 20c, niPad reach 38c idle, waiting on the table with screen on for 30minutes) 


I know niPad have cameras, but the cameras does not fit my usage model. I tested iPad 2's camera before, and it's not so much about the quality, but the awkwardness of taking pictures/movies with that gadget's size.  It's the same with niPad, though I haven't really tested it much outside checking the quality. Quality is good, really good, but still, when taking pictures, say outside in a sunny beach, it just doesn't feel right. In my opinion, mobile phone makes better "cameras". So niPad's camera, even with better specs and quality just didn't fit my usage model. I know that front cameras have its "novelty" use (aka Facetime), unfortunately, this doesn't work for me as well as I rather call using my mobile, or use my computer for face-to-face conversation and do other stuff while "face-calling" (like sending money, or sending the correct URL, ugh).


The niPad being faster doesn't really change my experience towards my oiPad. Aside from the almost negligible difference in app load times, I don't really notice the speed. For example, no matter how faster the niPad against oiPad, watching Netflix experience is the same. The same experience is achieved watching movies using AirVideo. You can skip/rewind seamlessly in both oiPad and niPad devices. Of course, if you're crunching numbers, doing lots of reports and what nots, maybe this "speed and power" is enticing, but for my usage model, number crunching is relegated on laptop/desktop.


I know that niPad have better screen, but that didn't sway my decision to "want" it. My oiPad still looks good, till you put the two devices side by side and "nitpick". For example, when playing Infinity Blade (don't know about IB II), after the initial loading, everything is the same. Of course, graphics is better but only if you stay long enough to appreciate the scene. But once battle ensues, the better graphics doesn't add much, it won't make you a better fighter. IB looks good already on oiPad, it looks better on niPad. Playing other casual games like Trade Nations, Smurfs, Battle Nations, Doodle Jump = similar/same experience. However, I'd say that playing 1080p/720p movies directly off niPad is a lot better, but I know better not to store gigabyte of HD movies to niPad (it quickly eats up storage) and just store HD movies to my server and portable media devices.

Quick Conclusion (yes, I know I already said it):

So based on my usage model, I have no reason to replace my oiPad.


  • For those that have older version who's not sure whether the new one has a lot of benefit, but have similar usage model to me, stick with your older one.
  • If you don't have one yet, and need/want one, get the latest niPad. I believe the better resolution, better camera, better connectivity (4G) not to mention the "cool factor of owning the latest and greatest" will overshadow the $100 difference. Don't get iPad 2, let Apple got an overstock of such device, that'll teach 'em (evil grin)
  • Of course, if you have the money, or a collector, or just itching, then no reason in the world will stop you from getting niPad

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