Thursday, February 17, 2011

Article: Making “Apple iPad” FanBoy Approved

I ranted about iPad last time, and how I am not happy with its “advertised” advantage(s) over NetBook or Ultraportables. If you would like a refresher of why iPad is awesome, Steve Jobs himself advertises it here. Namely, iPad, according to him, is best for:
  • Browsing
  • Email
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Music
  • Games
  • eBooks

Steve also mentioned how NetBook are slow, that it has low quality display and uses PC software. What a big LOL. NetBook are built with that speed (you don’t call bike slow and compare it to motorized vehicles); low-quality display: LCD and LED display are low quality? nuff said. And boy oh boy, PC software are being used almost universally across the globe and Steve say it like PC software is a plague. I wouldn’t call Steve stupid, but I’ll call him a big deceiver. Granted, Steve’s statement was made sometime January of 2010, but still, he missed a lot of points. Anyway, I got iPad mainly because of
  • Games
  • Videos

All others are bonuses. However, again, as my rant shows, iPad failed to deliver those two things I was looking to use iPad for and iPad failed miserably. Not even my kids considers iPad a must-have, in fact, it’s rarely being used by my kids anymore and never considered iPad as a “serious gaming” device, nor a “decent movie” device, nor a “great browsing device”. So, what do I do? Do I have to resell it? I don’t think so, I’d probably get less than 60% of what I paid for it, that is if I even got lucky. So rather than putting the iPad aside and gather dust, I figure I have to make use of it: one way or another.
Navigation and/or GPS:
If you’re an Intel FanBoy like me and also lost on how to make use of the stupid thing, then I’ll begin with a basic use for iPad. Since most of the time I go on travel, iPad offers great navigation capability. I wouldn’t replace my TomTom though nor my Magellan, but iPad’s big screen makes it easier to look at the map and figure out where you are and where you are heading. It works great in combination with your traditional GPS device. However, make sure you get the iPad with 3G, otherwise, you won’t get this benefit. Get an app that works best for you, I got my self the following apps:

If you are not in the US (or Canada) and have to choose only of those two then get the MotionX(tm) GPS HD. Of course, there are free ones as well or you could use the default Map app in your iPad. I highly recommend it, and it at least makes getting iPad justifiable. Yes, I am still bitter, but really, most NetBook and Ultraportable doesn’t come with GPS device so this is one usage model that can somewhat pacify your anger and frustration of buying a very expensive eBook or overpriced MP4 device or a stupid gaming device.


This capability makes camping in the “wild” and going out more fun, or just make your typical night a little different. While you could use MotionX GPS to track where you are on the surface of our planet, another app makes you look up to the sky at night and learn more about the stars. There are a few I found on the app store, but I particularly like one app and again, makes getting iPad justifiable.

The utility makes use of the built-in GPS and compass to “spot” stars.The app also has more features to it, such as Satellites Tracking, Time Machine, Picture of the Day and more.

And the journey continues…

While the two usage model makes owning an iPad justifiable, it still failed to meet my expectations. I just have to adapt iPad and find a better use not easily done by my NetBook or laptop and those two I mentioned above fits.I did made a few more playing around on how I can best utilize iPad but that will be for Part 2 (and probably Part 3 if I get the inspiration) and making iPad FanBoy friendly.

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