Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tech Link (Industry): The Apple iPad 2 Review

iPad 2 has been out for quite some time and many other early reviews have praised it without much negative impression: i.e. iPad 2 is a perfect device for everything. Well, I never bought their story and that wasn't just because I am not an Apple FanBoy but I went out and tried it with my own hard earned money and the verdict wasn't anywhere near good (check out my own review). It looks like it's not just me who ended up having an issue finding where and what kind of usage iPad falls into, even the boyz at AMDTech encountered the same. I quoted some of their personal usage, taken from their article, read on to go to the source...

Brian Klug's iPad 2 Experience
I have to be completely honest here, the original iPad didn’t really ever fit in with my workflow. I carried it around for about a month after our initial WiFi iPad launch review, realized I was never using it, and then left it on my desk where it sat unused for months. Only after my significant other expressed interest in using it did that iPad 1 ever see any real use.

Vivek's iPad 2 Experience
I ended up buying the original iPad when it launched, mostly out of sheer curiosity as to what Jobs and Co. had cooked up for the tablet market. It lasted just about 12 days before I took it back. I was impressed by the hardware, particularly the IPS display and the aluminum unibody, but like Anand and Brian, I had basically no use for it. There weren’t many iPad-specific apps, and the ones that were available tended to be buggy and slow. Document creation was a pain, there was no multitasking, and it didn't really end up being a whole lot more useful than my iPhone.

Anand's iPad 2 Experience
Brian and I tend to see eye to eye on a lot of matters and the iPad is no exception. We both liked the original device, but we both found ourselves casting it aside completely as the months went by. Just like Brian, I couldn't integrate the iPad into my workflow.

I do most of my work on a desktop (these days a laptop pretending to be a desktop). When I travel I need a notebook of some sort. I've got a MacBook Air that I carry with me if I just need something lightweight to do work, and a MacBook Pro if I need to do a lot of work on the road. While you can technically write articles, prepare HTML, edit images and post all of it via the iPad, it's still no where near as quick to do so as it is on a notebook for me. As revolutionary as touch is as an input form, the mouse is a very tough act to follow. Then there's the issue of multitasking and the fact that switching between apps is still far too much of a pain compared to a desktop. Data sharing between apps is much better on a desktop/notebook.

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