Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tech Link (Industry):2011 XtremeSystems CES Party

With such a beauty benching and overclocking in the event, I don't think I can concentrate. However, the XS team seems hellbent with tweaking and stuff so they are able to do what they do best: overclock!

For 7 years now, XtremeSystems has held a party every year to coincide with the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year was my first attending CES, and I took the opportunity while in town to join Fugger and his gang of miscreants at the XS party to enjoy some good company, warm food, cold drinks, and frozen processors. While this wasn’t an event, I’m happy to cover it as thanks to Fugger for the hospitality and as thanks from the Overclocking community for a great event.

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