Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tech Link (Industry): SetFSB is still alive and kicking!

A looooooong time ago (ok, not too long), I was obsessed with the dark arts of overclocking. I scour each and every nook of the interweb forum and wreak havoc among the naysayers, blasphemers, unbelievers, those who lack faith and just outright spawn of the devils (I am actually refering to AMDroids if you're still lost). I would pin down all those rascals, the nasty claims against the God of Processors. I would battle them from graphics relevance, to power consumption; from price to performance; from socket changes to chipset differences; and even against those who claim no difference at all!

I operate beyond the shadows, beneath the cover of my pen name, and slay all those who would go against my belief. I am venageance, the mere mention of my name brings forth flames and sorrows against my enemies, for I am death_metal, the harbinger of doom, the right-hand of justice, the ultimate FanBoy!

Ok, what I'm trying to say is that my good ol' friend Abo is still alive and kicking and spewing out many versions of SetFSB, the great OC software. I never knew that he came back and started developing by June of this year again. Anyway, go visit his website, he's got a lot of cool new updates and who knows, your product might be supported.

Ah oh, if your product is not supported, let him know and he'll give you instructions and how it can be supported. He's a cool Japanese dood, and he helped me developed several Intel-branded board OC software back in the days.

Updating information 7/21/2010[Wednesday]

7/21/2010 - Updated SetFSB : Version (This version is a shareware!)
Added ICS9LPRS476HKLF(HP Compaq 615, Acer Ferrari One 200). - SetFSB has a problem that WiFi and LAN shut down.
Included Acer Aspire 7740("ASUS N61JQ").
Included HP Pavilion P6335FR(CV193DPAG).

7/17/2010 - Updated SetFSB : Version (This version is a shareware!)
Added ICS9248AF-165(ASUS CUV4X).
Fixed CV179CNLG(Samsung N120).
Fixed ICS951462AGLF(MSI GX610).
Included ASUS P5VD2-VM(ICS953008BFLF).
Included ASUS G75JH("ASUS G73JH").
Included LG E200-A.CPPPV(ICS951461BGLF).
Included Clevo M570RU(ICS9LPR363DGLF).
Included DELL Alienware M15x("ASUS N61JQ") - The no working exists.
Supported VIA Apollo Pro133Z/PM133 Chipset.

7/7/2010 - Updated SetFSB : Version (This version is a shareware!)
Included ASUS G60VX,Intel D945GSEJT(ICS9LPR363DGLF).

Source: SetFSB

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