Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tech Link (Industry): Andre Yang found doing "malpractice" of overclocking

Apparently, the famous Andre Yang, is banned for doing "malpractice" with the recently concluded MOA LOO contest. Well, he's banned at XtremeSystems.Org and HwBot also issued a 1-year ban on Andre and all those involved: Hiwa,, KJ and Skinnee.

It is a sad day to see such. When overclocking become mainstream, and even commercialized, such malpractice is becoming more often and more severe. In the past, overclockers, a "small community" of enthusiasts, delights with "friendly competition" without regards for prize, but more about recognition from the community and to show off their skills.

I do hope that this is not a signal of how bad things are going to be, but let this be a lesson to all to always play fair and within the boundaries of the rules.


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