Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tech Link (Industry): Google, MD?!?

It seems like Google is on the quest to full web domination. My last post was about Google's Public Alert, and now, Google is improving the way health-related searches are being provided. It is promising, but as is always the case with little knowledge, sometimes, it's dangerous. What I meant is, if "some" people believed anything and everything Google provided regarding the health-related searches, then "these" people might actually do more harm than good. I, myself, do checked on Google for many things health-related. But to be sure, and if I feel things are serious, I just pay a doctor a visit.
Every day, people search on Google for health information. Many of these searches relate to symptoms they or their loved ones may be experiencing. You might be trying to understand why you’ve had a headache every morning for a week or why your child has a tummy ache all of a sudden. Our data shows that a search for symptoms is often followed by a search for a related condition.
Source: Google

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