Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tech Link: CES 2012 Coverage

If you are like me that always wanted to go to CES but never got the chance (*hint* work, budget, and family restrictions), then you're probably prowling the web for bits of information and whatever pieces you can sink your drooling mouth on about the latest and greatest upcoming gadgets in the future. But fear not, because of the popularity of the event, lots of tech websites have decent coverage, where they post pictures and even videos of products. Of course, I'm pretty sure some site will also post umm, the hot BOOTH BABES, but I digress. Here's some of my favorite sites, listed based on my preference (the first being my favorite):

Then there's the old-school gawking at some tech-sites like Tom's Hardware and Ars. I normally don't trust TehInq (yes, wrong spelling I know), but if you need more CES fix, you can also check it out.

As for the gadget I am excited about, I really would like to have a:

  • Glass-cased Ultrabook ala HP's Envy. If only it has a dedicated graphics like Radeon or nVidia, then I'm pretty sure I'll snag one as soon as it is released. I guess I might have to wait a little longer though.
  • Then I'm also rooting for a better DVR, DISH has some cool things brewing, but I am more a PC guy so I'm looking for a better solution than what Ceton currently has to offer. (And no, SiliconDust sucks, unless they improve their product, won't buy any SD product anymore).
  • And lastly, I'm contemplating whether I'll get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 LTE. Or whether I should just skip it and get a Windows Phone since I never had one.
And so the noodle-every-night meal begins today. I'll save up and see what I can scrounge up to buy the cool gadgets.

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