Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tech Link (Industry): Two Flagship Gigabyte Mainboards: GA-P55A-UD6 and GA-P55A-UD7

I have long lost interest with XbitLab's articles as I find them to be going the way of the dodo whenever they post articles. But, the same can be said to most tech sites I visit nowadays, so I guess it's probably me that's going the way of the dodo. Anyway, this post is ain't about me so if yer interested to see and pondering of getting a new board, this article might help you make up your mind.

Lately, we have been testing mainboards in batches. Once Intel X58 Express and the corresponding CPUs came out, we tested mainboards based on that chipset one after another. When we found we had covered basic models from all brands and satiated our interest, a new platform was already announced and we began to test mainboards based on Intel P55 Express. This research method has both pros and cons, so we are going to try another one soon. We are going to take a few mainboards and compare them all in a single large roundup. But as we haven’t yet accumulated enough products for such a comprehensive roundup, we want to return to the already discussed group of mainboards and check out new models that have appeared after our original series of articles.


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